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 Georgian Credit has been successfully functioning on the Georgian micro financial market since 2006. Since 2010 international investors have consecutively started to enter the company and the management team has been formed.

2014 appeared to be the substantial year for the company with regard to corporative management as the institutional preconditions of ambitious development was formed. 2014 was important in terms of relationship with international financial institutions. Micro financial funds actively started to credit the microfinance organization  Georgian Credit. The company’s social responsibility and the potential of its sustainable development have been outlined. It made the microfinance organization  Georgian Credit more attractive for the investors.

The branch network of microfinance organization Georgian Credit has been steadily growing since 2010. 6 branches in total in Tbilisi and Rustavi were assimilated in 2013. In 2014 the new branches were opened in Gori, Gurjaani and Marneuli. The expansion of the branch network continued in 2015 and new branches were opened in Kutaisi, the  3rd  largest city in Georgia followed by new branches in main regional centres of eastern Georgia like Tsnori, Kvareli, Akhmeta, Lagodekhi ana Telavi. Currently microfinance organization Georgian Credit operates with 14 branches throughout Georgia. 

The history of microfinance organization Georgian Credit is a visible example of success and irreversible development. It is the natural result of a team work of the professionals. We have created a precedent of healthy development and every member of the microfinance organization Georgian Credit is proud of it.
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